Gamlingay community turbine

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Gamlingay Community Turbine is situated just outside the village of Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire. It is an enterprise privately funded by local residents and businesses. The village installed the turbine for three reasons: to reduce its carbon footprint; to raise money for the community by selling the turbine’s power; and to create a good investment opportunity for individuals and businesses in the area.

Opus Energy offers to purchase power at market-leading prices. The team behind the Community Turbine were seeking a high level of customer service, which is why they chose to sell their power to Opus Energy. Mr Brettle, a director of the project, comments:

“It really came down to how easy it was to talk to Opus Energy. We’re all people with day jobs so don’t have much spare time, and we’re certainly not experts in this area! Opus Energy helped us cut through the jargon and gave us confidence that nothing horrible will happen because we’d missed some technical detail. They made the entire process simple from start to finish.”

Gamlingay Community Turbine Ltd will give 10% of the net income, after all running costs, to a community fund. This will enable them to create a long-term income stream for the local area which will be used to support environmentally friendly projects for the benefit of the whole community.