At Drax, our dedication to fostering an environment of continuous learning and professional development is what sets us apart.

We are committed to nurturing the talents of our team members, helping them achieve their career aspirations through a rich tapestry of learning opportunities. Our Learning & Development (L&D) programs are crafted to inspire, challenge, and empower you to reach new heights. 

Why Join Us?

  • A Culture of Continuous Learning: Our organization thrives on the pursuit of knowledge, excellence, and growth. Our L&D initiatives are central to our mission, creating a space where ambitious minds can expand their horizons. 
  • Tailored Development Paths: Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual’s career journey, your manager will have Career Conversations with you to create tailored objectives and check-ins focused on your growth.  
  • Mentorship & Coaching: At the core of our L&D programs is a robust mentorship and coaching framework. Engage in one-on-one mentorship and coaching sessions that pave the way for personal and professional transformation.

Our Offerings

Step into a world of opportunity with our diverse selection of courses and programs designed to elevate your career: 

  • Manager Essentials Program: our flagship leadership development program for emerging and new leaders 
  • Manager Accelerate Program: an à la carte offering of different workshop topics for experienced leaders 
  • Insights Discovery: a dynamic personality profiling system that enhances self=awareness and interpersonal skills by identifying and exploring individual preferences and behaviours.  Our most requested workshop! 
  • Virtual workshops: over 30+ facilitator-led training workshops available for you to select from 
  • OneDrax Learning Management System: our learning management systems offer hundreds of e-modules sourced from different vendors.  Topics range from five-minute personal finance microlearning  to five-hours accredited project management courses. 

Why Our L&D Program Stands Out

  • Customized Learning Experiences: With a spotlight on individual learning journeys, we ensure that every team member’s development path is as unique as they are. 
  • Real-World Application: Our programs are meticulously designed to not just foster growth but to equip you with the skills necessary to make a significant impact in your role and beyond. 
  • A Network of Support: Engage with a community of learners, mentors, and coaches. Our L&D ecosystem is built on the foundation of mutual support and shared success. 

Interesting Facts

Over 9,000 hours of face to face learning delivered to colleagues across the group in 2023 and almost 22,000 hours of digital learning 

17 team members in People development covering L&D, Leadership, and Early Careers development 

An average spend of £500 per person on learning activities 

Join Us and Elevate Your Career!

Embark on your journey of professional development with Drax. Our L&D offerings stand ready to support your aspirations and help you carve out a fulfilling and meaningful career path!