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    • Phone numbers

      Phone numbers

      Cruachan Power Station 
      +44 (0)1866 962 530

      Cruachan Visitor Centre
      +44 (0)1866 962 630 

      Daldowie Fuel Plant
      +44 (0)141 483 6220

      Drax Electric Vehicles
      +44 (0)345 646 1630

      Drax London Office
      +44 (0)203 943 4300

      Drax Power Station
      +44 (0)1757 618 381

      Galloway Hydro Scheme
      +44 (0)1644 710 430

      Lanark Hydro Scheme
      +44 (0)1555 704 300

    • Media contacts

      Media contacts

      Contact details for members of the Drax media and public relations team are only for use by journalists, producers and editors. If you are not a member of the news media please contact us via the form or switchboard number found at the top of this page.

      Aidan Kerr
      Media Manager (Generation)
      E: [email protected]
      T: 07849 090 368

      Andy Low
      Media Manager
      E: [email protected]
      T: 07841 068 415

      Ali Lewis
      Head of Media and PR
      E: [email protected]
      T: 07712 670 888
      please note Wednesday is Ali Lewis’ non-working day.

      US media contacts

      Grant Stoker
      Communications Manager – PR, Media & Digital (BECCS)
      E: [email protected]
      T: 318-376-3358

      Michelli Martin
      Communication Manager – PR, Media & Digital (US)
      E: [email protected]
      T: 318-372-3988

      Canada media contacts

      Communications – Canada 
      Megan Hopgood – PR, Media & Digital
      E: [email protected]
      M: 778-871-4738

    • Registered office

      Registered office

      Drax Power Station, Selby, North Yorkshire YO8 8PH

      Registered in England and Wales No. 5562053

      VAT registration number: GB 744 3264 37

    • Visit


      See the incredible process of electricity generation up close at Drax Power Station in Selby, North Yorkshire, or at Cruachan Power Station between Glasgow and Oban in Scotland.

      Visitors to Drax Power Station can also explore the surrounding ecology at the Skylark Centre and Nature Reserve, Drax.

    • Careers


      If you’re interested in joining Drax and playing a part in Europe’s largest decarbonisation project, find out more about our career opportunities.

    • Procurement


      If you are a supplier concerned about the authenticity of an order for products or services, firstly please check that it came from a Drax Group employee known to your organisation. Our employees will only email you from the following email domains:,, and If you have a concern about an order, please get in contact with us on the telephone number or via the form above.

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