Career development is an integral part of working at Drax. We place a strong emphasis on training and growth, giving everyone the chance to learn new skills and discuss their career plans and potential opportunities.

Across all our business areas we have various roles, specialisms and locations which are detailed below:

Core Services

Underpinning our business structure are our core services such as Finance, HR, IT, Procurement, Legal and Company Secretary, Security, Strategy and Mergers and Acquisitions, IT and Corporate Affairs. 

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Roles available:

  • People and HR 
  • Protection and Governance  
  • Information Technology 
  • Cyber Security  
  • Protection and Governance  


In the UK we operate a generation portfolio of sustainable biomass, hydro-electric and pumped hydro storage power stations in England and Scotland and are the UK’s largest source of renewable electricity.

For over a decade, through sustainable biomass, we have been at the forefront of cleaning up the UK’s energy system. We’re already the UK’s largest provider of renewable energy with our biomass generation at Drax Power Station and pumped storage and hydro sites, in England and Scotland plus our biomass from waste plant at Daldowie.

Roles available:

  • Engineering  
  • Maintenance  
  • Operations  
  • Health and Safety (HSE) 
  • Decommissioning  
  • Generation Programme Office  

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We use biomass, hydro and pumped storage to provide stable yet flexible, low carbon renewable power to the UK.

These assets also allow us to provide crucial system support services to National Grid.  In 2023, our Generation portfolio generated 8% of the UK’s renewable electricity, making Drax the largest renewable generator by output. In addition, our assets produced on average 16% of the UK’s renewables at times of peak demand across the year and up to 67% on certain days. This underlines the important role that Drax plays in security of supply in the UK.

Capital Projects

Our major capital projects involve significant investment and have far-reaching implications for our future strategy. These are managed in a business unit called ‘Capital Projects

The role of Capital Projects is to lead the development and construction of capital projects that deliver our long-term strategy. This includes projects that provide UK system support, such as Cruachan 2 and BECCS, and in the US expanding and building pellet plants.

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Roles available:

  • Construction  
  • Commercial Management within Construction  
  • HSE and Risk  
  • Contract Management  
  • Engineering  


Our Commercial business areas play a pivotal role in Drax’s success. We help deliver the Drax strategy, and enable future investment by maximising the value of our products whilst mitigating risks. 

We focus on 4 key areas: 

  • Customers – supplying renewable energy and decarbonisation services to our large portfolio of business customers in the UK 
  • Biomass Sales, Trading and Logistics – supplying our Biomass to customers across Europe, Asia and North America   
  • Trading & Optimisation – energy trading in the UK and European energy markets 
  • Transformation – delivering regulatory and strategic change across all of our commercial activities 

Roles available:

  • Drax Energy Solutions
  • Opus Energy
  • Biomass Sales & Customer Logistics
  • Biomass Trading & Logistics
  • Trading & Optimisation
  • Commercial Transformation 

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