About us | Drax Group plc
Drax Group plc is playing a vital role in helping change the way energy is generated, supplied and used as the UK moves to a low carbon future


We are responsible for generating 7% of the UK’s electricity.

Having successfully upgraded the UK’s biggest power station through innovative engineering, we are now a predominantly biomass-fuelled generator. 70% of the electricity we produce – enough to power Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield and Liverpool – is now made using compressed wood pellets rather than coal.

We self-supply 15% of the pellets we use from our US operations.

By providing inspiring, flexible energy solutions that make a difference to customers, a substantial part of the power we generate is sold directly to large businesses and SMEs through our retail division.

Today we are one of the UK’s largest energy producers and we stand ready to do more, helping to reduce carbon emissions, forcing more coal off the system and providing additional system support to plug the gaps created by intermittent renewables and boost security of supply.

Our strategy

Drax Group employs around 2,300 people and has three principal activities – electricity generation, energy supply, and compressed wood pellet manufacturing for use in electricity production.

With the right conditions, we can do even more, converting further units at Drax to use high-density pellets in place of coal. Biomass is the fastest and most reliable way to support the UK’s decarbonisation targets, while minimising the cost to households and businesses.

Our US business employs innovative manufacturing techniques, using wood from responsibly managed working forests to produce compressed biomass pellets. These pellets are shipped safely and efficiently around the world to generate reliable, renewable energy precisely when it’s needed. We plan to self-supply an increasing percentage of the wood pellets we use at Drax Power Station.

Our acquisition of open cycle gas turbine (OCGT) developments will play an important role in supporting a flexible, reliable and affordable energy system that can support even more low carbon wind and solar power generation.

At the other end of our supply chain, Drax Group’s retail division serves the energy needs of a growing number of SMEs and large organisations. Our ability to inspire customers to change the type of energy they use and then work with them to use it more efficiently and affordably, establishes our current and future retail brands as the biggest challengers in the market.

Where we operate

As well as corporate offices in London and Yorkshire, Drax Group operates in several locations around the world:

Drax Power

Drax Power Station is located near Selby, North Yorkshire, connecting directly into the national electricity distribution grid. Our distribution terminals are located in four ports on the east and west coasts of England – Hull, Tyne, Immingham and Liverpool – routing fuel from ships for onward delivery.

Drax Biomass Inc.

Drax Biomass is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with two pellet manufacturing plants: Amite BioEnergy in Gloster, Mississippi, and Morehouse BioEnergy near Bastrop, Louisiana. Its port facility is also located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Haven Power

Haven Power is based in Ipswich, Suffolk, and supplies electricity to customers across the UK. All account teams are based in the UK and deliver efficient, personal service.

Opus Energy

Opus Energy is based in Oxford, Northampton and Cardiff. It supplies electricity and gas to businesses.