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Our communities

We are a core part of the communities in which we are located and we aim to make a real, positive difference to the people that live around us. We regularly talk to our local authorities – for example, the parish, district and county councils serving the communities around our power station in Yorkshire. This maintains our connection to local civic groups and organisations, and supports them in improving the local area.

As a major employer, supplier and contractor, we support local and national businesses by providing jobs and encouraging local companies to bid for contracts to supply the many goods and services we need.

When it comes to supporting the communities around us, we know we can do so much more than provide employment or financial support. We can tap into the same spirit that looked ahead to a clean-energy future to bring new dynamism to the people and organisations that can change our local areas for good.

That’s why across Drax Group, we also support a wide range of local environmental, educational and charity activities. We are developing talent and helping equip the next generation with the science and engineering skills they’ll need to succeed. We are powering communities by helping organisations shape a brighter future through fundraising and investment. And we’re celebrating the local heroes who are already making things happen.

Socioeconomic impact

There are 14,150 jobs that are supported by Drax Group in the UK. Our economic impact on the UK was £1.24bn, as calculated by Oxford Economics. In Yorkshire and the Humber alone, 4,500 jobs are supported by Drax and £493m is injected into the local economy thanks to our own business spend, the economic activity of our employees, plus that of our suppliers and their employees.


We call our sponsorship and community initiative ‘Project Reinvent’. Through our unique funding programme, we’re supporting a range of schemes that help renew and reinvigorate the local area around Drax Power Station in Yorkshire.

Projects and organisations must either:

  • Reinvent learning – support the education and employability of local young people
  • Reinvent places – improve community spaces, buildings or the natural environment in the local area
  • Reinvent opportunities – improve the skills and prospects of local people

If you would like to apply for funding, your project will need to:

  • Be local – based within 30 miles of Drax Power Station
  • Be established – have been in existence for six months or more
  • Be immediate – started and well underway within three months of funding
  • Be positive – must positively impact the local community

Applications for sponsorship funding are currently on hold. Further information will be posted during spring/summer 2018.

Visit the websites of our businesses to find out about sponsorship initiatives in our other locations.

Power Station Consultative Committee

Being open and transparent is an important part of what we do. That’s where the Drax Power Station Consultative Committee (DPSCC) comes in. Meeting once a year, the committee brings together local stakeholders to help advise and consult on the way we work. Committee members include North Yorkshire County Council, Selby District Council, the Environment Agency, local parish councillors, hauliers, Selby Area Internal Drainage Board and the Forestry Commission.

By giving its members regular updates on business issues and providing the opportunity to ask questions about how we’re run, the committee ensures a positive and open dialogue between the Drax team and the local communities that support and sustain us.

Parish and Town Council Liaison meeting

Local councillors are joined by Drax representatives once every three months at the Parish and Town Council Liaison meeting. It provides an additional opportunity for us to discuss issues important to the local community.