Sustainable business

At Drax, we believe that achieving a positive economic, social and environmental impact is key to delivering long-term value creation.


The Board has ultimate responsibility for the Group’s sustainability performance and receives quarterly environment, social and governance updates from the CEO. The Executive Committee, chaired by the CEO, oversees performance. The Group Director of Corporate Affairs leads Drax’s sustainability programme and is a member of the Executive Committee.

Drax is a participant of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and sits on the UNGC UK Advisory Group.

In 2019, Drax established an Independent Advisory Board to provide advice on sustainable biomass and its role in Drax’s transition to net zero emissions. The Board provides feedback and makes recommendations on Drax’s sustainable biomass approach and performance.

Our Priorities

We have identified non-financial priorities that are material to our business and important to our stakeholders. Our 2020 progress and performance are reported under each priority area as follows:

Carbon NegativeForest PositivePeople Positive
• Carbon emissions
• Environmental impact
• Sourcing sustainable biomass
• Catchment Area Analysis
• Healthy Forest Landscapes
• Independent Advisory Board
• Positive social impact
• Safety, health and wellbeing
• People, culture and values
• Ethics and integrity

Impact on the Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for everyone. We have identified six SDGs where we can have the greatest positive impact.


Affordable and Clean Energy

We contribute to the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix.

Climate Action

We contribute to SDG 13 to take action to combat climate change and its impacts across our business.

Life on Land

We promote the implementation of sustainable forest management in all working forests that we source from.


Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

We contribute to investment in infrastructure and innovation in the energy sector, progressing the technological capabilities of our sector and contributing to research and development spending.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

We contribute to SDG 11 to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Partnerships for the Goals

We proactively collaborate and engage with all stakeholders and seek partners to achieve our purpose of enabling a zero carbon, lower cost energy future. This directly enhances the global partnership for sustainable development to support the achievement of the Goals.

Engaging our Stakeholders

We recognise that we need to listen to, and work with, a diverse range of interested parties to achieve our purpose: to enable a zero carbon, lower cost energy future.

Drax has a wide range of stakeholders and takes care to ensure that the Group, and the Board, has an effective strategy to identify and engage with them. The Board receives regular reports on stakeholder engagement including from the Corporate Affairs and Investor Relations functions. This ensures that the Board takes into account the views of our stakeholders when making strategic decisions.

Drax’s Communications Strategy contains our stakeholder engagement plan. Presented to the Board at least annually, this sets out and provides oversight of how the Group intends to engage stakeholders.

Our Annual Report and Accounts 2020 sets out the broad stakeholder groups that we identified and engaged with during 2020. It also highlights their key concerns, why and how we engaged and how we responded.

Assurance Statements

We engaged Lloyds Register Quality Assurance Limited to provide limited assurance of select non-financial data points using the assurance standard ISAE 3000. A summary of the work performed is outlined in the full assurance statement.

We engaged Bureau Veritas Limited to provide limited assurance of our ‘average biomass supply chain greenhouse gas emissions’ data using the assurance standard ISAE 3000. A summary of the work performed is outlined in the full assurance statement.

Basis of Reporting

The Basis of Reporting outlines the methodology for Drax’s reporting of the select non-financial data points assured.