Children reach for the sky at workshop to mark airship’s centenary

Youngsters created their own nine-metre long magnificent flying machine and got an insight into North Yorkshire’s aviation history at an event held this week to mark the 100th anniversary of the maiden voyage of the UK’s largest airship.

Children visiting the Skylark Nature Reserve on April 24th built the huge replica airship at a workshop run by Drax Power Station held in tribute to the R33, which took flight for the first time in March 1919 after being built in nearby Barlow.

The last of three giant airships constructed in the area, the so-called ‘gas bag’ was flown by the Royal Naval Air Service and used for a decade in both military and civilian tasks.

The site of the workshop where the R33 was designed and built is now known as the Barlow Mound, which is close to Drax Power Station and the 350-acre nature reserve created by the company.

Drax organised the event as part of its ongoing commitment to switch young people on to science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

Drax Power CEO Andy Koss said:

“The centenary of the R33 gave us an opportunity to celebrate an exciting part of our local heritage.

“Through events like these we can also inspire more children to consider studying STEM subjects and develop the skills businesses like ours need to continue to grow, helping to build a strong regional economy.”

As well as building the giant replica, weaving recyclable willow into six separate sections before combining it into one huge model, the young airship makers also paced out the entire 196 metres of the real R33’s length to give them an idea of its sheer scale.

Noah Thornton, aged seven, said:

“It must have been massive. Our model will be nine metres and that’s big. It’s taken a lot of work but it’s been good fun and I now know more about airships.”

Eight-year-old Mia Socha added:

“I built the second part of the model and weaving it all was the hardest part. It looks really good now it’s all put together. It’s been a great day.”

And seven-year-old Reuben Delaney said:

“All I knew about airships was that they flew but I know a lot more now and our model looks brilliant.”

As well as encouraging STEM learning, Drax is committed to developing the next generation of engineers – it has doubled the number of apprentices it is recruiting in 2019 compared to just two years ago.

The firm has also invested in a partnership with a number of local schools to enable them to build and race electric cars on the streets of Hull at the end of the month, again to promote greater engagement with STEM skills.


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