Paul Sheffield, Chief Commercial Officer

Paul and his teams are responsible for maximising the value of the biomass and renewable power produced from the Drax portfolio.

Paul Sheffield, Chief Commercial Officer

As Drax expands its global presence and identifies international opportunities the role of our commercial teams becomes even more important. Maximising the value of the biomass and renewable power produced from the Drax portfolio is achieved through three key functions; the Biomass Sales and Customer Logistics function which manages the supply of our Biomass products to our large customers across Europe and Asia, the Trading and Optimisation function which trades and manages the fuel and power commodity in the UK energy markets, and the Customers business which supplies renewable energy and decarbonisation services to our large portfolio of business customers in the UK.

These three areas come together under Paul’s leadership and are aligned to deliver the Drax purpose and ambition, to be carbon negative by 2030, and enabling a zero-carbon, lower cost energy future. Together, they support a renewable energy system and support businesses to achieve their commercial and sustainability goals through the use of Biomass and renewable energy services. Biomass Sales to third parties is an important function in this as we seek new markets and opportunities for bioenergy and sustainable biomass globally.

Paul joined Drax as Chief Operating Officer, Haven Power, in May 2017, bringing extensive experience of the energy sector, across trading and retail over a 20+year career.

Appointment to the Executive Committee:

  • August 2019