Our purpose: to enable a zero carbon, lower cost, energy future

If we are to avert a climate catastrophe, more urgent action must be taken to get to net zero

Our strategic objectives are aligned to net zero targets:

 To be a global leader in sustainable biomass pellets


 To be a global leader in carbon removals


 To be a UK leader in dispatchable, renewable generation

Drax Group CEO Will Gardiner in the control room at Drax Power Station

Our purpose and ambition drive our commitment to address climate change

We believe that Drax is a world leader in sustainable biomass and that BECCS can become a world leading, UK-led, exportable solution for large-scale carbon removals, subject to the right regulatory and investment framework. Reflecting this belief, we are continuing to develop an option for our UK BECCS project and opportunities to invest in BECCS in North America. We believe this could be the world’s leading market for these types of technologies.
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An important role to play

Through 2022, Drax continued to make progress towards our purpose (to enable a zero carbon, lower cost energy future) and our aim (to be a carbon negative company by 2030). At the same time, we have supported energy security in the UK.
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Financial/ESG Highlights


Adjusted revenue (1)
(2021: £5,174m)


Total revenue
(2021: £5,088m)


Percentage of total UK renewable electricity generated
(2021: 12%)

21.0 pence

Dividend per share
(2021: 18.8p)

21.3 pence

Earnings per share
(2021: 18.8p)


Net debt
(2021: £1,108m)


Adjusted EBITDA from continuing and
discontinued operations
(2021: £398m)


Total operating profit
(2021: £197m)


Total recordable incident rate
(2021: 0.22)


Wood pellets produced
(2021: 3.1Mt)

669 ktCO2e

Group carbon emissions scope 1 & 2
(2021: 1,255 ktCO2e)

3,123 ktCO2e

Group carbon emissions scope 3
(2021:3,121 ktCO2e)

Annual report and accounts 2022

ESG Data Supplement 2022