Work experience

Drax offers an exciting work experience for students at school or college in years 10-13 (England) or S4-6 (Scotland). 

In 2024, we’ll offer 5-day placements across our UK sites. These placements will include time in teams at Drax getting real hands-on practical experience of the world of work, as well as some time working on an interesting project with other young people. We’ll also spend some time preparing you for writing job applications, and equip you with some important skills to succeed in interviews. Placement sites will likely include:


  • London
  • Ipswich
  • Northampton
  • Drax Power Station, Selby


  • Cruachan Hydro
  • Daldowie
  • Galloway Hydro

How to apply

Applications are now open until 8 January, 2024. Please visit our Current Vacancies page on our Careers site to apply .

There’ s a short application form we’ll ask you to complete with information we need. We‘ll also ask you to record a series of short videos to help us get to know you better,  and find out what kind of things you are up to in and out of school, and what you are interested in. The instructions for how to do this will be sent to you once you complete  the initial written application form.

We’ll contact all students successful in securing a placement by the end of January 2024.

All students who successfully complete a 5-day placement will receive a certificate from Drax and a bursary in the form of a £100 Amazon voucher.

Where possible, we’ll try to match students with a placement in their area of interest. We receive a high volume of applications every year. We do our best to accommodate applicants, but cannot guarantee any placements.

Students can work at various locations, in a number of departments. We try to offer a range of placements, so students can gain an insight into an area of interest. Some examples of business departments involved in placements in 2022 and 2023 included:

IT, Human Resources, Engineering, Maintenance, Data science, Trading and Optimisation, Biomass and Logistics, People Development, External Affairs, Customer Services, and Business Analysis.

Selection process

Our work experience timeline 2024:

  • November 2023 to 8 January 2024 – online applications accepted
  • End of January 2024 – applications reviewed, students contacted to confirm placements
  • Early February – Early March 2024, formal letters sent out to students confirming dates and times, and what to wear, etc
  • Late June to late July 2024  – 5-day placements take place (subject to business restrictions or operational requirements)


I’m at college, not school – is your work experience for school leavers only? / I’m not currently in school?

We are happy to support placements for any young people who are in school or college years 10–13 (England) or S4-6 (Scotland). Typically, you’d be between 15 and 18 years of age. The timescales for college students are the same as the school calendar.

How old do I have to be to apply?

You must have turned 14 before 31 August in the year the placement is to take place to be eligible.

Do I have to attend an interview for a placement?

We ask all applicants to answer some questions through video form as part of the application process. You shouldn’t be asked to do a further interview, however if we feel this is required, we’ll let you know and this will take place over the phone or through Microsoft Teams video call during January/February each year.

Would I get a report/reference from my work placement?

Most schools will ask students to complete a report book during their placement. Often, schools will visit Drax mid-placement to see how their student is progressing. References can be provided on request, and a certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the placement

What happens if we receive too many applications?

Applications are assessed on an individual basis and are dependent on the site and departments where our business is offering placements each year. Therefore, it is important that students apply online during the application window. Where possible, we like to ensure that students are matched with a placement in their area of interest.

What is the dress code while on a placement?

For  students on placements in an office environment, the dress code is smart business wear – no jeans or trainers.

In a production environment you’ll need to wear special protective clothing which we’ll provide. This’s worn on top of casual wear. Please don’t wear ripped jeans or sandals, ensure to wear clothes that are fully covering your body and feet e.g. trainers.

We’ll confirm all the details (including the dress code) in the formal placement letter we send to successful students.

What hours and days will I work?

You’ll work normal office hours, usually between 09:00am-5:00pm. We’ll confirm this in the formal placement letter, as as the hours  may differ slightly between sites.

How long are the placements?

The placements will be 5 days long at each siteduring the summer term of the school calendar. All 5 days must be completed to successfully complete the placement at Drax.

What will happen before my placement?

Before the first day of a placement, each student will receive a formal letter with all the information required for their time with us. This will give details of when and where to arrive, what to wear, and in-depth health and safety information that needs to be adhered to on site. Each student has a dedicated person who’ll look after them throughout their placement.

What safety procedures do you follow?

Our safety procedures are very robust. We ensure that all students sign a Young Person’s Risk Assessment and that a full Fit to Work Assessment is carried out prior to all placements. Students are only allowed to be involved in work which is outlined in the risk assessment.

Do I need any specific safety equipment?

We’ll provide full safety equipment and clothing for every role, where relevant.