We only have one world. So we must work together, globally, to make the world’s resources go further, reduce emissions, and tackle climate change.

This means taking steps to build a future that’s positive for the climate, for nature and for people.

Our strategy is delivering.

We’re delivering our purpose – enabling a zero carbon, lower cost energy future and on track to be carbon negative by 2030.

Our climate positive plan prioritises removing carbon from the atmosphere, whilst generating, dispatchable, renewable energy, helping the world reach net zero.

We have the track record to back it up, reducing our own fossil-based carbon emissions by 99% compared to when we used coal, and transforming into Europe’s largest, single-site decarbonisation project.

We want to share this learned experience by partnering with other businesses and nations to help convert their coal-fired power stations to biomass and to deliver bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS).

BECCS at Drax Power Station in North Yorkshire will remove 12 million tonnes of carbon or more every year by 2030, providing a future positive alternative to fossil fuels.

Not only will this help the world reach net zero, it will provide critical stability to the grid, enabling more renewables to come online.

Find out more about Carbon Removals by Drax here

Our nature positive plan centres on sourcing our biomass from sustained, healthy forests that are responsibly managed. We are committed to being a valuable part of a sustainable forest products industry.

It’s clear that protecting nature is as important as protecting the climate, which is why we plan to do both.

Our Responsible Sourcing Policy for Biomass ensures that the sustainable biomass we source makes a net positive contribution to climate change, protects and enhances biodiversity, and has a positive social impact on our local communities and the wider global community.

Our people positive plan focuses on creating and supporting jobs, being a great place to work and a good neighbour.

We’re creating and supporting tens of thousands of jobs worldwide, forging opportunities in areas most at risk of losing them in the transition to net zero.

We’re upskilling communities and educating future generations with apprenticeship schemes, and we’re prioritising the wellbeing of our existing employees while supporting their career development.

Looking ahead, we’ve invested £2 GBP billion of funding towards all of this, with plans to invest a further £3 GBP billion.

Underpinning it all we’re using sustainable biomass, supported by robust governance and traceability, to deliver climate, nature and people-positive outcomes. Across every aspect of our ambition we’re future positive, today.

Drax. Future Positive.

Future Positive in our communities

We are a core part of the communities in which we are located and we aim to make a real, positive difference to the people that live around us.
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“Our strategy is delivering. We are building a future that is positive – for the climate, for nature and for people. We’re delivering our purpose – enabling a zero carbon, lower cost energy future and on track to be carbon negative by 2030.”

Will Gardiner, Drax Group CEO