Each year we publish our Gender Pay Gap statistics for the UK. We published our 2023 statistics on 27 March.

Here’s what Will Gardiner, Drax CEO said about our commitment to improve gender balance and equity for a more inclusive Drax:

“At Drax, we’re working hard to make our company inclusive for all colleagues, regardless of gender. I want everyone,no matter where they work or who they are to feel like a valued member on a winning team with a worthwhile mission.

This commitment to equity comes from me, from our Executive Committee, and from our Board,  that I’m proud is now 55% women. I want every woman, regardless of where she comes from or who she is, to feel included and valued at Drax. There’s still a lot to do, but we are working hard to ensure everyone has access to the resources and opportunities they need to grow both personally and professionally.”

Below you can find out the action we are taking to address our Gender Pay Gap and create a fair, safe, and inclusive working environment, where everyone has the tools to do their best work.

Understanding our Gender Pay Gap

We calculate median and mean gender pay data based on hourly rates of pay as at the snapshot date of 5 April 2023 with a comparison to 2022. We also show median and mean bonus pay data for bonuses between 6 April 2022 – 5 April 2023.

What’s our Gender Pay Gap 2023?

What’s our Bonus Pay Gap 2023?

Making progress for the future

Drax is committed to building a fair, safe, and inclusive working environment, where everyone has the tools to do their best work, and feels they belong.

We have a responsibility to act to close our Gender Pay Gap. We are taking action to address this imbalance and improve the fairness of our processes for everyone at Drax. Alongside our continued partnerships and action to support diversity, equity and inclusion more broadly, we are also taking specific action to support women at work.

  • A thorough review to identify the causes of our Gender Pay Gap has been conducted with research and findings being compiled for review.
  • We have exceeded our Gender Balance target of 40% women at a Board level, with a current 56% women at Board Level and were announced as one of The Top Ten Best Performers for Women on Boards for 2023.
  • Women@Drax our Colleague Resource Group has over 200 members, who celebrate women and advocate for gender balance.
  • We celebrated International Women’s Day with 100s of women taking part across Drax to share their stories.
  • We have increased our support around women’s health through fertility, sexual health, and extensive menopause support through Peppy.


Gender Balance Targets

As part of addressing our Gender Pay Gap, we must also ensure representation and progression for women at Drax. To measure this, we have committed to global gender balance targets at Drax, that are part of our ESG and Group scorecard, that ensure we monitor our progress.

Global DEI MeasuresGoalCurrentCurrent Status
40% Women on Board by 202740%56%Met
ExCom & Direct Reports 40% women by 202540%39%On Track
30% Women in Leadership (CL0-3) by 203030%31%Met/In Review
40% Women in Middle Management (CL4-5) by 203040%34%On Track