"At Drax, we’re proud of the role we play in supporting the UK government’s aim to tackle climate change and achieve a net zero economy by 2050. Last year, we announced our ambition to be the world’s first carbon negative company by 2030.

“Drax has made significant progress on gender diversity and we now have more women in senior roles and on the board than ever before. We recognise there is more we can do and we remain committed to reducing our gender pay gap and progressing women and people from diverse backgrounds.”

“We want all employees to be able to realise their potential and have taken action to drive further equality and inclusivity across Drax whilst also ensuring a fair recruitment process.”

– Will Gardiner, Chief Executive, Drax Group plc

Gender pay gaps

 Drax Power
(including Corporate)
Opus EnergyHaven Power
Hourly difference (mean)10.5%10.2%22.7%
Hourly difference (median)14.4% 5.2%20.4%
Bonus difference (mean)-3.7%41.1%46.2%
Bonus difference (median)-28.3%31.5%68.3%

Percentage of males and females in each pay quartile

 Drax Power
(including Corporate)
 Opus Energy Haven Power 
Lower Quartile0.520.480.520.480.430.57
Lower to Middle Quartile0.740.260.490.510.350.65
Middle to Upper Quartile0.850.150.490.510.560.44
Upper Quartile0.790.210.630.380.690.31

Proportions of males and females paid a bonus

The statistics below show the percentage of employees that received ‘bonus pay’. These are awards from the 2020 Group Bonus plan (paid in March 2021) and commission payments earned by Customers employees in FY20.

 Drax PowerOpus EnergyHaven Power