The Drax Resourcing team will never use third-party apps to make job offers. The recruitment process with Drax will always include at least one face to face interview, either in person or via an online video call, as well as several phone conversations. Drax will never ask you to download apps to enter timesheet details, or ask you to purchase your own IT equipment.  If you have any concerns during your recruitment process or suspect something isn’t right, please contact us via [email protected] to verify the application or details of the person you have been speaking to.

Our people make us great

Our people are what makes us, so we place a strong emphasis on attracting, training and retaining great talent. We’re looking for inspiring, motivated people to help us as we make the pioneering move away from coal to lower carbon, storage and renewable energy sources of the future.

Why Drax?

We believe in developing the skills and talents of our staff, and so we make opportunities for training a high priority for everyone. That means everyone gets the chance to shape their careers in the way they want to progress and to contribute to our continued success.

As well as providing numerous possibilities to enhance your career, we also offer several additional benefits to our employees, such as bonus and a quality pension scheme.

Our culture

Working together is vitally important in helping us be a bold, customer-oriented power generation and retail business, driven by biomass innovation.

That’s why we have a common set of values that everyone at Drax shares:

  • We care about what matters – we help each other achieve the things that are important to each of us
  • We’re a can-do kind of place – we’re empowered and encouraged to make informed decisions, take action and do the right thing
  • We see things differently – we share inspiration and insight right across Drax, and search for new ideas and ways of working
  • We listen carefully – we make sure that people feel genuinely heard, acknowledged and that what they say matters
  • We do what we say we’ll do – we’re proactive, committed and reliable –and trust others to be the same

Our collaborative culture means our people feel valued and want to come to work for the good of the whole business.

An integral part of this is our annual appraisal and development discussion, which takes place between every employee and his/her line manager. We also have regular performance reviews.

We have a positive industrial relations climate, with employment policies underpinned by our values.

Diversity and equality

We’re committed to creating an inclusive workplace through our diversity and equality policy. The aim of this is to ensure that no employee or job applicant receives less favourable treatment due to any of the protected characteristics set out in the Equality Act.

Diversity simply means that we’re all different. It refers to visible and non-visible differences, including sex, age, race, religion or belief, disability and sexual orientation. Our aim is to attract a diverse workforce so we can find the best people and create an inclusive environment where difference is respected and everyone feels valued.

Equality means that all our employees have an equal responsibility to treat each other, potential employees, contractors, customers and clients, in a way that respects their feelings and values their contributions. We have a legal responsibility, which we take seriously, to ensure that no job applicant, employee or individual employed by a contractor, customer or client, is unlawfully discriminated against by us or employees acting on our behalf.

Career development

Career development is an integral part of working at Drax. We place a strong emphasis on training and growth, giving everyone the chance to learn new skills and discuss their career plans and potential opportunities.

Delivered at our on-site learning facility, our training ranges from key business skills, to management essentials, to safety and IT courses. Primary consideration is given to safety competence where robust refresher systems and enhancement of competence are priorities.

Managers also support personal growth by ensuring development plans are in place, progress is reviewed and opportunities are provided to learn and develop on the job. In addition, we also support further education and professional qualifications relevant to each role.

Our career management framework provides a structure for developing identified successors to meet future business requirements. It involves motivating and engaging our best people to make the most of their skills and experience, investing in their development and helping them reach their full potential.