Independent Advisory Board on Sustainable Biomass - Drax

Independent Advisory Board on Sustainable Biomass

About the board

Drax has established an Independent Advisory Board to provide advice on sustainable biomass and its role in Drax’s transition to net zero emissions.

The Board will feedback and make recommendations on Drax’s sustainable biomass approach and performance. Topics covered will include advice on feedstock options, procurement practices, forest science and how Drax can optimise carbon benefits. The group will also give advice on the role of biomass in Drax’s climate change mitigation activities, and provide insight on societal expectations for responsible and sustainable biomass.

Board members

“The IPCC and Committee on Climate Change both recognise that sustainably sourced biomass will play an important role in meeting climate change targets. I decided to chair the IAB because it’s vital that biomass is sourced sustainably and takes the latest scientific thinking into account.

“As the science evolves, we will make recommendations to ensure that the biomass used at Drax makes a positive contribution to our climate and the environment.”

— IAB Chair Sir John Beddington

News and reports

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