Project Update

Progress Power, the company that intends to build a gas-fired power station near Eye, is seeking amendments to the Development Consent Order that was issued by the Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change in July 2015.

Details have been published in the East Anglian Daily Times (and will be published again on August 26th) and on the Progress Power and Planning Inspectorate websites. Eye Library also hold details of the amendments.

Both Mid-Suffolk District Council and Suffolk County Council are aware of the proposed amendments and the reasons for making them, and Progress Power has notified other relevant parties. The consultation process is being undertaken in accordance with the Planning Inspectorate’s guidelines.

The changes are restricted to the main power generation plant site at Eye Airfield and are regarded as non-material.

The amendments to the Development Consent Order (DCO) relate to the width of the power station’s exhaust flue stack (chimney) for the single turbine unit solution only and some minor amendments to the dimensions of some buildings within the main power generation plant site. The height of the key components on site (i.e. the gas turbine generator and the stack) will not change from what was originally consented. Progress Power has permission to build up to five stacks (30m high).

The need to make amendments to the DCO became apparent during the procurement process for the power station: in order to construct the one turbine solution, minor alterations would need to be made to some of the parameters and locations of various structures consented by the DCO. There is a need to widen the visible part of the stack for the single unit solution by 1.6 metres.

Progress Power has not yet concluded the exact number of turbines that will be constructed on the site, and the stack height(s) will remain 30 metres as per the July 2015 DCO.

The consultation on the proposed non material changes to the DCO runs from August 19th to September 25th. Responses to the consultation should be addressed to the Planning Inspectorate.