Drax Power CEO Andy Koss responds to National Grid’s Winter Outlook Report 2017/18

Andy Koss, Drax Power CEO said:

“Flexible technologies like biomass and gas are critical during the winter months because they can provide power when we need it most – in the morning and evenings when it is cold and dark, or at times of system stress, such as when the sun isn’t shining or the wind doesn’t blow.

“Biomass is a reliable, flexible renewable available at scale, which is able to provide the full range of support services the grid needs to retain stable supplies – whatever the weather.

“Drax has upgraded half of the power station in North Yorkshire to run on biomass instead of coal – 70% of our output is now renewable. We produce 17% of the UK’s renewable power – enough for four million households.

“We’re also exploring low cost options for upgrading a fourth generating unit from coal to biomass – this along with the rapid response gas power plants Drax is developing, will support the system and enable more intermittent renewables to come online, helping us to further decarbonise.”