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As the world comes to terms with the effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Group CEO Will Gardiner explains how Drax and its employees are working hard to ensure the country is supplied with the power it needs. Read More

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"I am committed to improving our gender pay gap and progressing women and people from diverse backgrounds throughout all levels of our business.

“There isn’t a quick fix to help us achieve this as swiftly as I would like, but our targeted approach will deliver results over the next five years.

“I made a commitment last year to have women in at least 40% of senior roles by the end of 2020. This is a stretching target for us, but one which I believe we can meet. I want us to encourage and support more women, and colleagues from diverse backgrounds, to pursue their careers at Drax.

“The energy sector as a whole must do more to attract, engage and progress women. We are changing the way we do things at Drax Group to ensure we are an employer of choice for women, and all people who see their future in energy.”

– Will Gardiner, Chief Executive, Drax Group plc

Gender pay gaps

 Drax Power
(including Corporate)
Opus EnergyHaven Power
Hourly difference (mean)13.9%18.1%23.5%
Hourly difference (median)19.7%12.3%25.5%
Bonus difference (mean)5.3%41.1%41.7%
Bonus difference (median)0.5%23.0%19.6%

Proportions of males and females paid a bonus

 Drax PowerOpus EnergyHaven Power

Percentage of males and females in each pay quartile

Drax Power

 Opus Energy

Haven Power

Drax Power

Opus Energy

Haven Power

Gender pay reporting 2017