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Bioenergy carbon capture usage and storage (CCUS / BECCS)

Drax frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Drax Group CEO Will Gardiner answers questions about what Drax does and its future plans [July 2019]

  • What is biomass?

  • What is reforestation and afforestation?

  • What is carbon capture usage and storage?

  • What are negative emissions?

  • What is climate change?

  • What is the national grid?

  • What are ancillary services?

  • What is decarbonisation?

  • What is carbon dioxide?

  • What is renewable energy?

  • What is electricity trading?

  • What is a biomass wood pellet?

Economic and social impact of Drax

Electric Insights

Energy and climate policy

Energy storage

  • Filling the flexibility gap: Realising the benefits of long duration electricity storage [March 2021]

  • Cruachan: The Hollow Mountain guidebook

  • The REA: ‘Longer-Duration Energy Storage: The missing piece to a Net Zero, reliable and low-cost energy future‘

Forests and biomass

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