Educational outreach is the central focus for the visitor centre teams at Drax Power Station, North Yorkshire and also at our Scottish sites, Cruachan pumped-hydro Power Station and Tongland Power Station. Usually we show thousands of visitors around these sites each year explaining how we make electricity. However, whilst this is currently not possible, please find a number of videos, stories, activities and teaching resources created by our teams to help development during these unprecedented times. Our virtual tours have been split into two series, distinguishing between primary and secondary school levels, whilst our website articles are more suitable for older children, further education students and adults. We have also started an educational webinar program called ‘Drax In The Classroom’ for schools, please contact us for more information.

Drax Teaching Resources

We’ve produced both worksheets and information sheets covering elements of the Key Stage 2 Science Curriculum. Key Stage 3 Science Curriculum resources also coming soon.

Example PDF documents below:

Key Stage 2 documents can be found here:

Drax in the Classroom

In addition to our on-line content, we’re also offering interactive webinars that bring the operations of the country’s largest power station into the classroom.  The webinars are hosted by our outreach team and present students with the opportunity to understand how we’ve become one of the UK’s largest generators of electricity from renewable resources, as well as asking any questions they may have.  Our webinars can be tailored to your learning outcomes and satisfy the requirements of Gatsby Benchmark 5.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in for your school or college, please contact us at: [email protected]

Example webinar slides below:

The Visitor Centre at Cruachan Power Station have also developed an educational webinar program focusing on Cruachan Power Station. The two webinars distinguish between audience, with one aimed at primary school children and another for college level students. To find out more about the webinars and about the work we are doing schools local to Cruachan in Scotland, please contact us via [email protected] 

Drax Virtual Tours

Unfortunately, at the moment we can’t accept visitors at the power station, but we’re delighted to share parts of the tour and process with you.

We created the first series of virtual tours to be aimed at Key Stage 2 – primary level (7-11 years old). This was then followed with a second series aimed at Key Stage 3 – secondary level (11-14 years old). The sessions are a mixture of information and science on how we make electricity at the power station. They cover a range of topics from the type of fuel we use and why to how the electricity gets to your home.

Each series is in eight parts, which can be watched separately or in sequence and cover:

Series One (Key Stage 2):

Series Two (Key Stage 3):

We hope you enjoy watching. To read further, please take a look at our ‘electricity explained’, Drax FAQs series and history stories, which explore several of the same topics covered in the virtual tours.

Key Stage 2 tour videos

Biomass and the Carbon Cycle [Key Stage 2 - Part 1 of 8]

Transportation [Key Stage 2 - Part 2 of 8]

Biomass Storage Domes [Key Stage 2 - Part 3 of 8]

Pulverising Mills [Key Stage 2 - Part 4 of 8]

Boilers [Key Stage 2 - Part 5 of 8]

Turbines at Drax Power Station

Turbines [Key Stage 2 - Part 6 of 8]

Generators [Key Stage 2 - Part 7 of 8]

Transformers and The National Grid - Virtual Tour.

Transformers and The National Grid [Key Stage 2 - Part 8 of 8]

Key Stage 3 tour videos

BECCS [Key Stage 3 - Part 1 of 8]

Power Generation and Transmission virtual tour

Power Generation and Transmission [Key Stage 3 - Part 2 of 8]

Pulverising Mills and Efficiency [Key Stage 3 - Part 3 of 8]

Boilers [Key Stage 3 - Part 4 of 8]

Cooling Towers - [Key Stage 3 – Part 5 of 8]

Condensers [Key Stage 3 - Part 6 of 8]

Biomass and the Carbon Cycle [Key Stage 3 - Part 7 of 8]

Generators [Key Stage 3 - Part 8 of 8]

Cruachan Virtual Tour

Loch Awe beside Cruachan Power Station

Virtual Tour of Cruachan Power Station [2020]

Indoor Ted from Drax

An online educational resource for parents, teachers and students from Drax and Outdoor Ted created to support the curriculum during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) lockdown. The STEM challenges are designed for children but can be enjoyed by all the family at home!

STEM challenges

Paper Chain Challenge

Grow a Rainbow!

Farfetched Flying Gliders

The Strength of Shapes!

The Tin-Foil Boat Challenge!

Extraordinary Eggs

Grow your own Apple tree

Puzzling pictures

Marvellous Minibeasts

Strength of Shapes — Part II!

Make your own lava lamp

Water Cycle in a Bag

Leak proof bags

The Strength of Shapes — Part III

Seeking Sunlight!

Balancing Act!

Marble Run

Electricity explained

Can we see electricity?

Could Great Britain go off grid?

Does electricity have a smell?

How electricity is made

Turbine hall at Drax Power Station

How to switch a power station off coal

The great balancing act: what it takes to keep the power grid stable

Cruachan pylons

What makes a mountain right for energy storage

Why does electricity have a sound?


History of Drax Power Station

Drax Power Station: A rail history

Building the dam at Cruachan in the 1960s

The history of Cruachan Power Station

Cruachan tunnel tigers

The men who built a power station inside a mountain

The Clatteringshaws Dam in the Galloway Forest Park in south west Scotland. Built by Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners in 1932-38, it is on the south west

A brief history of Scottish hydropower

14 moments that electrified history

The renewable pioneers

The history of the pylon

The 182-year history of electric vehicles

How turbines came to power the world

Aerial view of coal field

The turbulent history of coal

4 of the longest running electrical objects

Test signal display on a retro tv

7 of the biggest TV moments in UK electricity history

Airship at Barlow Mound

Vikings, airships and ash: the history of Barlow Mound

Harry Shann, Drax engineer

Harry harks back to his head for heights – 50 years on from building giant power station chimney

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