Community engagement

At Drax we seek to be a good neighbour and have a positive impact in the communities and regions where we operate. To achieve this, we have a designated Community team that works closely with local community leaders and grassroots civil society.

Learn more about our approach to community engagement in the Drax Foundation Annual Review 2023.

Corporate giving and social investment

A key aspect of our approach to community engagement is a commitment to ‘give back’ in the communities and regions where we operate. We deliver this through the Drax Foundation and the Drax Community Fund.


Drax Foundation

The Drax Foundation was established in 2023 to provide grant funding for non-profit organizations that share our commitment to improving equitable access to STEM education, community green spaces, and renewable energy.

Applications to the Drax Foundation
The Drax Foundation welcomes expressions of interest (EoI) from eligible organizations. Please review our Funding and Selection Criteria. An EoI form can then be requested by emailing [email protected]

Drax Community Fund

Each of the communities where we operate has unique needs and challenges. That’s why we established our Community Fund to support grassroots activities and civil society in each of our operating communities.

Applications to the Community Fund
Eligible organizations working in our operating communities should submit an online enquiry form in the first instance Online Enquiry to Drax Community Fund

Contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Through all that we do, we are committed to making a measurable contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have prioritised eight intersecting goals where we can have the greatest impact.

Communities in Crisis Fund

Our Communities in Crisis Fund provides emergency aid in response to natural disasters, conflict, and other humanitarian crises.

Crisis Fund donations made during 2023: