Drax Biomass completes headquarters transition to Monroe

Company introduces business, leadership

MONROE, La. — Drax Biomass, Inc. has completed its headquarters move from Atlanta to Monroe, LA. Initiating the process earlier this year, the company has been building its new corporate staff which is now located on Tower Drive in Monroe.

“From an operational standpoint, we are well positioned to manage our three compressed wood pellet plants and the port operations in Baton Rouge from our new headquarters in Monroe,” said Greg Martin, Drax Biomass chief operating officer. “We’ve been really pleased with the caliber of talent and experience we’ve been able to retain and hire.”

Key Facts

  • Drax Biomass is a subsidiary of Drax Group, plc, which is playing a vital role in helping to deliver a better future by changing the way electricity is generated, supplied and used.
  • Drax Biomass operates three compressed wood pellet plants – Morehouse Bioenergy in Bastrop, LA; LaSalle Bioenergy in Urania, LA; and Amite Bioenergy in Gloster, MS.
  • The company also manages a port operation in Baton Rouge/Port Allen, LA.
  • Drax Biomass employs about 190 people in Louisiana and approximately 65 in Mississippi.
  • The corporate headquarters transition from Atlanta to Monroe began in January 2018. Approximately 20 of 30 corporate employees are now located in the Monroe office.
  • Drax Biomass has implemented a sustainable approach to doing business. This commitment to sustainability guides every aspect of the company’s operations, from wood sourcing to pellet production to shipment of finished products.
  • Drax Biomass’ compressed wood pellets allows Drax Power to reduce its dependence on coal, lower carbon emissions and provide new sources of safe, reliable and affordable power.
  • Drax Biomass shipped approximately 945,000 metric tons (a metric ton equals 2,205 lbs.) of wood pellets to the United Kingdom in 2017 for use in the Drax Group power plant.

Drax Biomass Leadership Team

  • Greg Martin, Chief Operating Officer
  • Mike Bellow, Director of Risk Management and EHS
  • Dana Day, Regional Human Resources Manager
  • Ben Garnett, Vice President Biomass Procurement and Sales
  • Richard Lamb, Senior Director of Operations
  • Richard Peberdy, Vice President, Sustainability
  • Annmarie Sartor, Communications Officer
  • Jim Stemple, Senior Director of Procurement
  • Todd Tolkinen, Director of Legal, Compliance and Administration
  • Randy Webster, Director of Engineering


About Drax Biomass

Drax Biomass Inc. is a manufacturer of compressed wood pellets produced from sustainably managed working forests. Headquartered in Monroe, LA, with operations in the Southeastern U.S., the company is committed to supporting the communities in which we operate by promoting sustainable forestry and investing in local economic development.

Media Contact

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