Our purpose is to enable a zero carbon, lower cost energy future

Will Gardiner, Drax Group CEO

“If we are to avert a climate catastrophe, more urgent action must be taken to get to net zero. As an integral part of the energy sector, I believe Drax has a pivotal role to play in driving the transition to renewable electricity by enabling a more flexible energy system which can deliver secure, renewable power when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow and, in 2022, Drax continued to play an important role in supporting the security of energy supply in the UK.”

Our strategic pillars

 To be a global leader in sustainable biomass pellets

 To be a global leader in carbon removals

 To be a UK leader in dispatchable, renewable generation

At Drax Group, working together is vitally important in helping us achieve our vision:

To be a bold, customer oriented power generation and retail business, driven by biomass innovation.

To help us do this, it makes sense that everyone in our Group shares the same way of working.

That’s why we have values which are common for the whole Group:

We care about what matters

We help each other achieve the things that are important to each of us

We’re a can-do kind of place

We’re empowered and encouraged to make informed decisions, take action and do the right thing

We see things differently

We share inspiration and insight right across Drax, and search for new ideas and ways of working

We listen carefully

We make sure that people feel genuinely heard, acknowledged and that what they say matters

We do what we say we’ll do

We’re proactive, committed and reliable –and trust others to be the same