A leading producer of wood pellets from sustainable forest management and low-value commercial residues.

Our pellets provide a sustainable, low carbon fuel source that can be safely and efficiently delivered through our global supply chain. Drax’s Generation business uses these pellets to make flexible, renewable electricity for the UK. 

Based in North America, this part of our business aims to increase capacity from ~4.5Mt to 8Mt and reduce production costs by 2027, to support a long-term future for sustainable biomass. 

Where we operate

Drax’s North America operations are strategically located in the U.S. and Canada, providing ready access to large tracts of responsibly managed working forests, modern infrastructure and an available workforce of trained loggers, wood haulers, plant operators and other critical specialties. 

Drax will enhance its security of supply through an enlarged and diversified Supply Chain. 

  • 18 Pellet Plants  
  • 4 deep water ports 
  • 3 major fiber baskets 

New rail line and wood pellet loading bay with sawmill residues in view at Drax LaSalle BioEnergy

Locations: Southern Operations 

  • Aliceville, Alabama  
  • Morehouse, Bastrop, Louisiana  
  • Demopolis, Alabama 
  • Amite, Gloster, Mississippi  
  • Leola, Arkansas 
  • Russellville, Arkansas 
  • LaSalle, Urania, Louisiana   
  • Port of Mobile, Alabama 
  • Port of Baton Rouge, Louisiana 
  • Monroe, Louisiana (Corporate Office) 

Locations: Northern Operations 

  • Armstrong, British Columbia  
  • Burns Lake, British Columbia 
  • Entwistle, Alberta 
  • High Level, Alberta  
  • Houston, British Columbia 
  • Lavington, British Columbia 
  • Meadowbank, British Columbia 
  • Smithers, British Columbia 
  • Williams Lake, British Columbia 
  • Port of Prince Rupert, British Columbia 
  • Port of Fibreco, British Columbia  
  • Prince George, British Columbia (Corporate Office)
  • Princeton, British Columbia 
  • Richmond, British Columbia (Corporate Office)