Pete Madden, President and Chief Executive Officer


Pete Madden is President and Chief Executive Officer of Drax Biomass. In this role, he oversees the company’s operations including manufacturing facilities in the Southeastern United States, ensuring they are environmentally sound, safe, and professionally managed to meet the market demand for compressed wood pellets. Pete is also a member of Drax Group’s Executive Committee.

Pete began his career in forestry in 1988 with the Westvaco Corporation in South Carolina.  In 1992, he joined Georgia-Pacific Corporation where he held various positions including Operations Manager, Procurement Manager and Senior Financial Analyst.

In 2001, Pete joined Plum Creek Timber Company as a senior Financial Analyst. He has held several key positions with Plum Creek including Director of Financial Planning, Manager of Construction Materials, Senior Resource Manager in Michigan, Director of Regional Marketing for the Southern region, Vice President of Operations Support, and most recently as Vice President, Renewable Energy and Supply Chain.

Pete graduated in 1988 with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Marlboro College in Vermont.  He also earned a Master of Science in Forestry and a Master of Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire.

Pete is a Registered Forester in the State of South Carolina and a member of the Society of American Foresters. He currently serves on the Advisory Board for the University of Georgia’s Center for Forest Business and the Board of Directors for the Forest History Society. Pete previously served on the Boards for the Southeastern Wood Producers Association, Michigan Forest Products Council and the Michigan Renewable Fuels Commission.