Statutory Consultation Period Ends

Sunday November 16th saw the end of the 35 day statutory consultation period for the proposed Millbrook Power Project.

This period was designed to attain feedback from the public and relevant organisations about the proposal. The Millbrook Power team received a range of comments from local residents, local businesses, local councillors as well as the relevant planning authorities and other local and national organisations that have an interest in the Project.

During this consultation period, four public exhibitions were held in Stewartby, Lidlington, Ampthill and Marston Moretaine. These exhibitions, attended by around 175 people, provided the public with information on the Project and the developments of the proposal, as well as the opportunity to ask questions to the Millbrook Power team who were present at the events. Significantly, these exhibitions provided opportunity for local residents to provide us with feedback.

The exhibitions were advertised locally and a leaflet about the Project, which included a feedback form, was delivered to households and businesses in the area surrounding the site at Rookery South Pit.

Chris McKerrow and Nick Johnson, the Director and Manager of the Millbrook Power Project respectively, also gave a talk to sixth form students at Kimberley College on the Future of Energy in the UK. Amongst other things the talk explained the need for projects such as this, and described the Project and the work that we are doing to bring it forward.

Now that the period of consultation has ended, the Millbrook team are collating the information received and finalising certain aspects of the design accordingly, taking account of any concerns raised by the public during consultation. Documentation for our submission to the Planning Inspectorate is also being prepared, such as the Environmental Statement and our Consultation Report, which will be available to the public once the submission has been made. The submission is expected in the first quarter of next year.

In the meantime, Millbrook Power will continue to liaise with Central Bedfordshire Council and Bedford Borough Council, as well as the local parish councils in the area to ensure they are fully informed of the Project’s evolution and status.