Our purpose is to enable a zero carbon, lower cost energy future

Will Gardiner, Drax Group CEO

“As many countries seek to decarbonise in a cost-effective manner, while protecting energy security and delivering a Just Transition, our purpose – to enable a zero carbon, lower cost energy future – is well aligned with these competing priorities. The world must act now to address the climate crisis if we are to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. We need more renewable energy, and more flexible energy systems to make the best use of intermittent renewables. Crucially, we also need carbon removal technologies, like BECCS, to remove carbon from the atmosphere.”


Our strategic pillars

 To be a global leader in sustainable biomass pellets

 To be a global leader in carbon removals

 To be a UK leader in dispatchable, renewable generation

At Drax we want everyone to feel like a valued member, on a winning team with a worthwhile mission. Our values and behaviours are the principles and actions that shape our culture.

Our values:

Working at Drax, you’re part of a team that’s united behind our purpose: to enable a zero carbon, lower cost energy future.

We’re striving to help decarbonise the planet for generations to come, and we have a clear strategy to help us achieve it.

Our values underpin our purpose and strategy, and define our culture – they have an impact on everything we do. From how you work and collaborate every day, to how our customers feel and the way we attract new colleagues.

The diagram summarises these values, while the following pages provide more detail and explain how theyguide our behaviours.

At Drax Group, working together is vitally important in helping us achieve our vision:

To be a bold, customer oriented power generation and retail business, driven by biomass innovation.