Institution of civil engineers celebrates engineering excellence at Drax power station

Drax Power Station’s engineering achievements will be celebrated today with a special award from the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) to mark its 200th anniversary.

As part of its bicentenary celebrations, the ICE is recognising 10 significant engineering infrastructure assets and ten engineers across each UK region. Drax Power Station has been selected as one of the 10 major infrastructure assets for Yorkshire and Humberside.

It received a special commemorative plaque, which recognises Drax’s continued contribution to engineering.

Drax Power CEO, Andy Koss, accepted the plaque on behalf of the power station, surrounded by its engineers, employees and apprentices, as well as some potential future engineers from Camblesforth Primary school.

Andy Koss, Drax Power CEO said:

“Drax Power Station is not just an iconic feature of the Yorkshire landscape, it is also home to some of the very best engineers in the world. We are honoured to be recognised for the contribution our Drax engineers have made to the UK and to celebrate our heritage.

“We welcome around 13,000 visitors to the power station each year – many of whom are students, ranging from primary school-age to post-graduates. By bringing energy and engineering to life, we can inspire the next generation.

“Drax is a critical part of the nation’s infrastructure and last year we produced 15% of the UK’s renewable power. Our team of talented engineers converted three of our six generating units to run on sustainable biomass and our fourth is being converted this summer.”

Mark Calvert, Chairman of the Yorkshire and Humber committee at the ICE said:

“ICE 200 is a fantastic celebration of great works of engineering and achievements across the country and it’s wonderful to see so many engineers who have contributed so much to Drax power Station over the years.

“We are not only looking to the past though; we are creating the next generation of engineers. They will be the invisible superheroes who might not be seen but are all around us. People get up in the morning and turn the lights on without thinking about it, but behind that simple task is a feat of engineering that ensures the lights stay on for us all, and that’s what we want to celebrate, these engineers who are transforming lives and transforming society.”

Pic caption: Drax Power CEO, Andy Koss, accepted the ICE 200 plaque on behalf of the power station from Mark Calvert, Chairman of the Yorkshire and Humber committee at the ICE. They were surrounded by Drax engineers, retired employees and apprentices, as well as some potential future engineers from Camblesforth Primary school, local MP Nigel Adams and Mark Goldstone (Head of Policy and Representation) from the West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce.


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About Drax

Drax Group plc plays a vital role in helping change the way energy is generated, supplied and used as the UK moves to a low carbon future. Its 2,300-strong staff operate across three principal areas of activity – electricity generation, electricity sales to business customers and compressed wood pellet production.

The Group includes:

Drax Power Ltd, which operates the largest power station in the UK, based at Selby, North Yorkshire and supplies 7 percent of the country’s electricity needs. The energy firm converted from burning coal to become a predominantly biomass-fuelled electricity generator. Drax is the biggest single site renewable generator in the UK and the largest decarbonisation project in Europe.

Haven Power, based in Ipswich, provides businesses with electricity.

Opus Energy, based in Oxford, Northampton and Cardiff, provides electricity and gas to businesses.

Drax Biomass is based in the US and manufactures compressed wood pellets produced from sustainably managed working forests.

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About ICE 200

The Institution of Civil Engineers is reaching a rare milestone in 2018 – a bicentenary.

ICE 200 is a perfect chance to celebrate the institution’s longevity, recognise the profession of civil engineering and most importantly the thousands of members who make the institution what it is. ICE will use the bicentenary as opportunity to remind the general public that civil engineers transform their lives for the better and safeguard the future for their families. In doing so, the institution also hopes to encourage young people to see civil engineering as a creative, rewarding and highly enjoyable career.

Events are planned for throughout 2018 and information will be made available on the ICE website: