Dorothy Thompson, CEO, Drax Group (2005-2017), responds UK government’s Clean Growth Strategy

Dorothy Thompson, Drax Group CEO said:

“We welcome the government’s Clean Growth Strategy and the opportunities it gives both Drax and the businesses we supply, to play an important part in delivering clean growth.

“We are already seeing decarbonisation in industry – the proportion of businesses choosing to use renewable electricity supplied by Haven Power, part of Drax Group, has more than tripled this year, reducing the carbon emissions from these businesses by 76% compared to five years ago – saving almost 1.5 million tonnes of carbon. We now need to work with these customers to use the information from smart technologies to fuel future decarbonisation and help them to become even cleaner and more sustainable.”

“Flexible technologies like Drax’s biomass and gas are vital in supporting the government’s strategy. As today’s plan makes clear, biomass generation is crucial because it’s a reliable, flexible renewable available at scale, able to provide the full range of support services the grid needs to retain stable supplies – whatever the weather. Our biomass, with the rapid response gas power plants we’re developing, will support the system and enable more intermittent renewables to come online, helping us to further decarbonise.”