Opportunities within Global BECCS

Climate change is the defining issue of our time.  Do you want to make a difference and meaningfully contribute to the challenge of getting the world to net zero? 

Drax is an international company playing a critical role on the world stage. 

We’re aiming to be a global leader in negative emissions through BECCS – bioenergy with carbon capture and storage – and we’re looking for talented people to join us to help develop this essential carbon dioxide (CO2) removal technology and make a real difference in the fight against climate change. 

What is bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS)?

Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) is the process of capturing and permanently storing carbon dioxide (CO2) from biomass energy generation. 

New Job Opportunities

Removing carbon from the atmosphere is urgent if we are to meet global climate targets and experts and governments agree that CO2 removals will be crucial in addressing this global challenge.  

 If you have a background in commercial forestry, commercial development, engineering, large project development, carbon markets or carbon storage, join us on our mission to help combat climate change and enable a zero carbon, lower cost energy future. 

BECCS at Drax team testimonials

Hear from some of the team at Drax who you could be working with about the projects they are supporting to develop BECCS at Drax.

Steve Drayton – Director of Development Projects

The Development Projects team focusses on taking new innovation prospects, assessing the business case and building towards a deployable project. Our focus is on projects that utilise biomass to decarbonise society, be that BECCS, biofuels or hydrogen. The teams role is to progress the technology ideas created by the Innovation team through to projects which have defined boundaries and business cases; we make ideas real. To do this we work across Innovation, Finance and International Affairs building relationships with the technology suppliers and local stakeholders to find the right location with the right local support. In order to deliver this remit we need individuals with the desire to work across many disciplines, are commercially astute and have a desire and drive to deliver a deployable project.

Richard Gwilliam – Head of Cluster Development – Transport and Storage

The CO2 Transport and Storage team has a critical enabling role for our BECCS ambition; our job is to find and secure access to storage sites to permanently store the CO2 we capture at our BECCS plants. We’ll do that by securing agreeing long term contracts with multiple storage providers in areas that support our projects. We need to build on our internal knowledge and expertise in geological storage and regulation to develop a strong ‘informed buyer’ perspective and want to bring in individuals with knowledge of carbon storage practise, familiarity with the storage and / or oil and gas industry and those with regulatory knowledge, excellent commercial acumen and project management expertise.

Angela Hepworth – Commercial Director Innovation

The BECCS Commercial team has a key role to play securing our route to market for the power and Carbon Dioxide Removals (CDRs) we produce from our BECCS projects, and shaping the market for carbon credits.  This spans everything from developing our strategic approach to carbon and power sales, and engaging in initiatives to develop standards for high-integrity carbon credits, to engaging directly with customers to sell our power and CDRs.  Working in the team provides an exciting opportunity to be right at the forefront of market development, and contribute directly to making our BECCS ambition a commercial success.  We are looking for individuals with excellent commercial and strategic skills, creativity, some with direct sales experience, and an appetite for working in a fast-paced and innovative environment.

Charlotte Hill – Head of Innovation Solutions

The Innovation Solutions team is the most forward-facing component of the Innovation team, seeking and assessing new developments in technology across the energy industry; including carbon capture and utilisation, liquid biofuels, innovations in biomass pellet manufacture, electrical grid services, hydrogen production and much more! To enable Drax to stay at the forefront of BECCS developments, the Innovation team have established an Incubation Area at Drax Power Station that enables small-scale start-ups in carbon capture and carbon utilisation to access the flue gas generated from our biomass units and conduct real-world experiments to verify their processes. We’re looking for versatile people with curiosity and resilience, to help us keep up to date with the evolution of the energy industry, carry out technical due diligence and build commercial business cases to help to shape Drax’s future business.

Arabella Freeman – Director of Biomass Strategy

The Biomass Strategy team is focused on finding and securing the biomass we need to underpin our long term BECCS ambitions. This involves finding the right sustainable fibre and being able to aggregate and mobilise it effectively. We also need the right commercial structures in place to secure the fibre – spanning partnerships, long-term contracts and other innovative solutions. We want to attract individuals who will help us form the strategy, originate the opportunities, commercially secure the fibre and develop the project to sanction. We are seeking people with excellent commercial and project development experience, and ideally sector-experience in forestry management and investment, energy crops and biomass supply chain development.

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