REDII Supply Base Evaluation of Alberta

In 2024, Drax is intending to add the Sustainable Biomass Program’s REDII (Renewable Energy Directive 2018/2001/EU) normative framework to the scope of its Alberta certification program. Part of this process requires the development & consultation of the SBP REDII Supply Base Evaluation & associated mitigation measures that are required on top of SBP Certification to allow for the sale of REDII SBP Compliant wood pellets.

Here, you will find a copy of the risk assessment & detailed summary of how Drax intend on carrying out mitigation measures for specified risk identified that relates to it’s Alberta operations and we want your input. As an active member of the forestry community in AB, your input is valuable to us when designing mitigation measures and we want to ensure we capture as many perspectives as possible.

For context, Drax are not forest managers. We source wood fibre waste like sawdust, shavings, chips, and bark from sawmills and other wood processing facilities. We also source wood fibre waste direct from the forest from sources like slash or roadside debris piles, wildfire damaged or insect damaged stands, wildfire proofing or habitat enhancement projects and occasionally receive pulp quality roundwood where pulp markets do not exist. Our ability to influence “on the ground” forest activities is limited due to our dissociation from forest management activities. Our mitigation measures are focused on information gathering and sharing in the form of detailed supplier mapping packages, in addition to monitoring, policies, participation in conservation efforts, and advocating for forest certification.

We want to hear your thoughts and comments as to the Supply Base Evaluation & the effectiveness of mitigation measures and if there are any other factors we should consider. The comment period will be open until May 10th, 2024, however, if you have comments after that date feel free to pass them along anyway. They may not make it into the final draft for this year, but we will certainly consider your comment for next years review, encouraging the system to mature and refine over time.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration in reviewing our REDII Supply Base Evaluation of Alberta. We hope you will find the document informative, and we look forward to hearing some thought-provoking feedback.

Please provide feedback via email to: [email protected]