Forest Research

Great Britain’s principal organisation for forestry and tree related research.

Forest Research

Forest Research works for and with UK government departments and devolved administrations, forestry and land management stakeholders, environmental NGO’s, the European Union and internationally.

Forest Research’s objectives include:

  • Providing evidence and expertise to inform the development and delivery of UK and European forestry related policies
  • Providing innovative applied research, development, monitoring, scientific services, forestry data services and professional training to UK, European and international forestry stakeholders
  • Facilitating knowledge exchange directly, and/or in partnership with others, to UK, European and international audiences
  • Working in partnership with others to promote the development and uptake of tree and forest science expertise

Forest Research’s work is founded on the principle that research and evidence are central to informed policy-making and sustainable land management practices. Its priorities are to provide the science and evidence to: protect its trees and forests; enhance forest ecosystem resilience and service provision; ensure sustainable management and adaptation of its forests to climate change; effect knowledge exchange and; grow its business.

Forest Research has joined Drax’s Independent Advisory Board on Sustainable Biomass as an ex-officio observer, in which Robert Matthews is currently in position. This means it participates fully in the activities of the board but plays no role in shaping recommendations to Drax.

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