Ben Garnett, Vice President, Biomass Procurement and Sales

Ben Garnett

Ben is Vice President of Biomass Procurement and Sales for Drax Biomass. In this role, he is responsible for the origination, negotiation, execution and relationship management of medium-to-long term pellet procurement and sales contracts.

Ben joined Drax Biomass in 2012 shortly after the business was formed, helping to guide its growth from a development project into a successful operating entity.  He previously served as an International Biomass Buyer at Drax Power Limited in the UK, responsible for negotiating pellet procurement contracts to support Drax Power Station’s transformation into a predominately biomass-fueled facility. Prior to joining Drax, Ben held a variety of contracting, bulk shipping and logistics roles at Glencore, a multinational commodity marketing and trading company.

Ben holds a Bachelor of Science degree in in Agriculture and Business Management from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.