Back BECCS at Drax for future Humber jobs

What is BECCS at Drax?

BECCS (Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage) is a new technology that, if supported by Government, will remove carbon from the atmosphere to help Britain tackle climate change, and help to grow thousands of jobs across the Humber.

Why back BECCS at Drax?


  • BECCS at Drax will create and protect over 10,000 jobs in the Humber and beyond.

“Over the years, the industry in the Humber has really declined –  the coal mining industry, that’s disappeared; the docking industry has disappeared – So having Drax in this area is really big. Holding these jobs is really important to the area.” – Jenny Blyth, BECCS Project Architect


  • BECCS at Drax will give more local people living close to our operations the opportunity to learn new skills.
  • We’re working with local partners such as Selby College to upskill local people and train our workforce of the future in the latest technology.

“BECCS at Drax will bring a lot more jobs to the area and will future proof the company and hopefully for people like myself, give us jobs for the next 40 years” – Drax Apprentice


  • During the construction phase, we will spend £100millions across our supply chain – with an ambition that 80% of construction spend will go to UK companies1.

1 This 80% ambition excludes carbon capture and storage technology, where we have signed an agreement with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI). The ambition includes all other products and services for delivering BECCS including steel, pipes, heat pumps, electricals, insulation, and other equipment required to deliver this multi million pound project.