Back BECCS at Drax for future Humber jobs

What is BECCS at Drax?

BECCS (Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage) is a new technology that, if supported by Government, will remove carbon from the atmosphere to help Britain tackle climate change, and help to grow thousands of jobs across the Humber.

Why back BECCS at Drax?

BECCS at Drax will protect energy security, create jobs and help the UK hit net zero.

Find out more from the latest Baringa report analysis: development of BECCS at Drax Power Station projected to save UK £15bn and offset carbon emissions equivalent to all departing flights from Heathrow.

Energy security

As the country’s largest power station, Drax is crucial for UK energy security generating 9% of the UK’s renewable power. With the right support from government, it will continue to protect our energy security for decades to come thanks to cutting edge carbon capture and removal technology: bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS). ​​

Green jobs, skills and economic opportunity

Drax is set to be one of the first power stations in the world to be fitted with BECCS. BECCS at Drax will support 10,000 jobs during construction, create new skills and help to position the UK and the Humber as a world leader in carbon removal technology.

An achievable and affordable net zero

The lowest cost route to Net Zero involves removing carbon that’s already in the atmosphere. BECCS at Drax will deliver 4 millions of tonnes of carbon removals a year, saving the UK a projected £15bn compared to other more complex routes and offsetting carbon emissions equivalent to cancelling all departing flights from Heathrow or taking 3 million cars off the road.


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