Sustainability reporting 2017 - Drax

Sustainability reporting 2017

Drax Group’s environmental, social and governance management and performance data

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Britain’s Blackout
4th December 2019

Britain’s Blackout

Engineers must be quick to develop new ways of keeping Britain’s power system under control as it moves into bold new territory, suggests Electric Insights special report.

Sustainability information

Our Approach

Through our integrated value chain and flexible lower-carbon energy proposition … [Read more]

Achieve together with our people

We are nothing without our people and we take our commitment to provide a safe and healthy workplace … [Read more]

Drax Group sustainability team

Deliver for our customers

We focus relentlessly on improving our service and developing stronger relationships with our customers … [Read more]

A lower-carbon company

We are committed to enabling a low-carbon future by moving away from coal … [Read more]

Responsible sourcing

Our commitment to sourcing natural resources responsibly is underpinned by our sustainability policy … [Read more]

Reduce our environmental impact

Our responsibility for the environment as a major power supplier goes beyond reducing carbon dioxide … [Read more]

Positive social impact

Our contribution to the community takes many forms, from our direct role in areas … [Read more]

Sustainability case studies

Building a sustainable business

The boundaries between users, suppliers and generators are blurring, writes CEO Will Gardiner … [Read more].

The sustainable development goals

Improved performance has guided our business purpose for over four decades … [Read more]

Commitment to the UNGC

Reporting on the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact … [Read more]

Drax Biomass invests in greenhouse gas efficiencies

Truck dumps, a new train line and use of sawmill residues are helping our own biomass producer … [Read more].

Gamlingay community turbine

Opus Energy works with thousands of renewable electricity generators. Find out more in this purchase power agreement … [Read more]

Partnering to build a Northern Powerhouse

We are passionate about supporting the economy of the North of England … [Read more]

Customer service excellence

Excellent customer service is at the heart of our business … [Read more]

Collaborating for biodiversity protection and enhancement

Drax is committed to protecting biodiversity and playing an active role in habitat enhancement … [Read more]

Drax Biomass creates value in the United States

In many US States, including those in which Drax Biomass operates, there is a system of local taxation … [Read more]

American Tree Farm

The oldest sustainable family woodland system in the US … [Read more]

People strategy

We continue to strengthen, develop and deliver our people strategy across the Group … [Read more]

Listening to local communities

We strive to make a positive impact on local communities to ensure we understand the potential impacts … [Read more]

The Sustainable Biomass Program

The Sustainable Biomass Program’s (SBP) vision is an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable … [Read more]

Working with our suppliers

Working with Pinewells, a supplier of sustainable wood pellets in Portugal … [Read more]

The Bettercoal initiative

Ensuring industry respects people’s rights and makes a positive contribution to the social and economic … [Read more]

Restoring Brickmakers’ Wood

Haven Power employees have worked with the Eden-Rose Coppice Trust to help transform a woodland … [Read more]