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Deliver for our customers

We focus relentlessly on improving our service and developing stronger relationships with our customers. This is a priority for Haven Power and Opus Energy, which form Drax Group’s B2B Energy Supply business. Our priority is to provide customers with affordable, reliable and sustainably produced energy.

Our customers

We provide a flexible and reliable service to more than 375,000 customer meters, from large industrial and commercial companies to thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Haven Power, which supplies large industrial and commercial customers, as well as SMEs, with renewable and reliable biomass electricity. In February 2017 we added Opus Energy to the Drax Group, strengthening our retail offer. Opus Energy offers thousands of SME customers low-cost, reliable and renewable energy and buys back renewable electricity from a network of generators and developers across the UK.

Supporting customers to be sustainable

We provide intelligent energy solutions, helping customers to access renewable and lower-carbon energy supplies. We also buy renewable energy that customers generate but do not need and feed it back to the UK grid. We offer services for optimisation to our larger commercial customers, such as the demand-side response and demand forecasting services offered by Haven Power.

Smart and reliable biomass supply

Haven Power offers industrial and commercial customers 100% renewable electricity at an affordable price, powered by biomass supplied from Drax Power. Biomass electricity achieves carbon savings of approximately 80% compared to coal, including the carbon emissions associated with harvesting, processing and transporting the fuel to Drax Power. Biomass is a highly reliable renewable energy source, unlike electricity supplied by intermittent wind and solar power. Haven Power supplies Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO)-backed biomass electricity.

As well as a reduced carbon footprint, customers also benefit from automated meter readers, which help large commercial customers to monitor energy consumption and reduce their costs.

Sustainable energy solutions for SMEs

Research suggests that 72% of SMEs want their energy supplier to be more committed to renewable energy. Opus Energy is meeting this demand by offering customers power from renewable sources and supporting them to reduce costs. We understand the challenges SMEs face with switching energy suppliers and offer a level of service that makes it easy for SMEs to switch to Opus Energy’s lower-carbon and highly reliable supply.

For more information on our B2B Energy Supply business energy sources in 2017, see Sourcing.

Opus Energy supports SMEs and communities by buying energy from renewable generators across the UK. Customers can sell excess renewable electricity to Opus Energy for highly competitive rates, from sources including wind turbines, solar panels and anaerobic digestion plants. In 2017 this amounted to 992GWh of renewable energy generated from 2,300 generators.

“We are eager to reduce our carbon emissions and help protect the environment, and our partnership with Haven Power allows us to do just that”

— Nick Garnham, Suffolk Football Association