Andy Koss, CEO Generation - Drax

Andy Koss, CEO Generation

Andy is responsible for the safety, sustainability, operational excellence and expertise across Drax’s power generation sites and Drax Biomass.

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Britain’s Blackout
4th December 2019

Britain’s Blackout

Engineers must be quick to develop new ways of keeping Britain’s power system under control as it moves into bold new territory, suggests Electric Insights special report.

Andy joined Drax in 2005 and has held a number of senior roles at Drax including Director of Strategy, Head of Investor Relations, Group Treasurer and Head of Risk. He has also held several senior treasury and investment banking roles with various major institutions.

Appointment to the Board:

  • 1 January 2016

Committee membership:

  • Executive Committee

External appointments:

  • Northern Powerhouse Partnership (Member of the Board)