Key investor facts - Drax

Key investor facts

Here you’ll find Drax Group’s most recent full year and half year results.

Full year

Twelve months ended 31 December20192018
Key financial performance measures
Adjusted EBITDA (£ million)410250
Adjusted profit/(loss) after tax (£ million)11842
Adjusted basic earnings per share (pence)29.910.4
Final dividends (pence per share)9.58.5
Net cash from operating activities (£ million)413311
Net debt (£ million)841319.1
Statutory accounting measures
Operating profit/(loss) (£ million)6260
Profit/(Loss) before tax (£ million)(2.8)13.8
Reported basic earnings/(loss) per share (pence)0.15
  • * 2017 statutory accounting measures been restated due to the adoption of IFRS 9 in 2018

Half year

Six months ended 30 JuneH1 2020H1 2019
Key financial performance measures
Adjusted EBITDA (£ million) (1)(2)179138
Cash generated from operations (£ million)226229
Net debt (£ million) (3)792924
Interim dividend (pence per share)6.86.4
Adjusted basic earnings per share (pence) (1)10.82
Total financial performance measures
Coal obsolescence charges-224-
Operating (loss) / profit (£ million)-3234
(Loss) / profit before tax (£ million)-614
Basic (loss) / earnings per share (pence)-141

(1) Adjusted Results are stated after adjusting for exceptional items (including acquisition and restructuring costs, asset obsolescence charges and debt restructuring costs), and certain derivative financial instruments fair value remeasurements.

(2) Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, amortisation, excluding the impact of exceptional items and certain remeasurements.

(3) Borrowings less cash and cash equivalents.