Key facts - Drax

Key facts

Here you’ll find Drax Group’s most recent full year and half year results.

Full year

Twelve months ended 31 December20182017
Key financial performance measures
Adjusted EBITDA (£ million)249.6228.9
Adjusted profit/(loss) after tax (£ million)41.92.7
Adjusted earnings per share (pence)10.40.7
Final dividends (pence per share)8.57.4
Net cash from operating activities (£ million)311.1315.2
Net debt (£ million)319.1367
Statutory accounting measures
Operating profit/(loss) (£ million)59.9(137.9)
Profit/(Loss) before tax (£ million)13.8(204)
Reported basic earnings/(loss) per share (pence)5(41.3)
  • * 2017 statutory accounting measures been restated due to the adoption of IFRS 9 in 2018

Half year

Six months ended 30 JuneH1 2019H1 2018 (restated) (1)
Key financial performance measures
Adjusted EBITDA (£ million) (2)(3)138102
Net cash from operating activities (£ million)197112
Net debt (£ million) (4)924366
Interim dividends (pence per share)6.45.6
Adjusted basic earnings per share (pence) (2)21.6
Total financial performance measures
Operating profit (£ million)3412
Profit / (loss) before tax (£ million)4-11
Basic earnings / (loss) per share (pence)1-1
  • 1 H1 2018 restated to reflect adoption of IFRIC guidance issued in respect of derivative contract accounting consistent with the approach taken in the 2018 Annual Report.
  • 2 Adjusted Results are stated after adjusting for exceptional items (including acquisition and restructuring costs, asset obsolescence charges and debt restructuring costs), and certain remeasurements.
  • 3 Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, amortisation, excluding the impact of exceptional items and certain remeasurements.
  • 4 Borrowings less cash and cash equivalents (see note 12 to condensed consolidated interim financial statements).