Financial history - Drax
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Financial history

Here you’ll find Drax Group’s five-year financial history.

5-year history

Adjusted Revenue4,2354,702.94,237.33,685.22,949.8
Adjusted Gross profit800867.1601545376.3
Adjusted EBITDA412409.8249.6228.9140
Total Operating profit/(loss)(156)6259.9(117.1)203.5
Total Profit/(loss) for the year attributable to equity holders(157.9)0.520.2(151.1)193.9
Earnings/(loss) per share:pencepencepence
Statutory basic(39.8)0.15(37)48
Statutory diluted(39.8)0.14.9(37)47
Net (debt)/cash(775.9)(841.1)(319)(367)(93)
Net assets1,339.41,715.61,7711,720.12,045.2


  • * All figures are shown as presented in the full year results and/or annual report and accounts for the year – restatements as a result of changes in accounting policies in subsequent years have not been included